Sigillum Divinitatis

What we've done so far,
And whom we did it to

Session 1 (21-9-2011):

Nikolai is a half orc rogue, Aukan is a goliath runepriest.

After completing the basic runepriest training with the Dwarves, and gaining journeyman status as both a runecarver and a smith, Aukan was sent by his master to Westeros, a large, prosperous seaport, to broaden his studies by receiving further training from the temple of Erathis, the protectress of Westeros.

On the road, he was beset by bandits, and was helped by a strange half-orc named Nikolai, who has been hanging onto him ever since. Nikolai claims that he finds Aukan interesting.

In Westeros, the temple’s master runepriest was open to the idea of accepting the goliath as a new student, but has asked the characters to prove their respect for Erathis by helping the temple’s paladins resolve a slightly delicate situation. Aukan was commended for his piety, and Nikolai for his devotion to justice and Bahamut, because he implied he was one of the Dragon God’s servants. In fact, he had just killed one of Bahamuths own knights some time ago, and has been wearing the poor man’s tabard ever since.

One of the master paladins in the temple explained that two of the city’s wealthy and influential merchant families were causing trouble once again. A Halfling clan, the Tallfellows, were accused of foul play, breaking and entering, theft of private documents, and kidnapping by the Ragados family, Thiefling spice merchants, who just happen to be the Tallfellows’ strongest rivals.

After investigating the warehouse that was broken into, and talking to the guard who was on duty during the break-in, our heroes decided to visit the halfling warehouse and look for clues there. After being forbidden from entering, they decided to spen the rest of the day looking for the guards in the employ oh the Tallfellow warehouse, and finding out as much information as possible. What they uncovered (after roughing up one of the half-orcs) was interesting: five of the Tallfellow guards were sent to break into the Ragados warehouse and steal ledgers proving illegal trade done by the Regados. During the breakin, one of the two guards on duty was accidentally killed. Instead of leaving the body, the thieves took it with them to hide any potential evidence, after stealing the ledger. The murderer was brought to justice, and the master paladin was pleased with the help that the two have provided.

However, the root of the problem was not solved. To restore order, both of the merchant clans needed to be pacified. Having already found out the guard schedule of the Tallfellow warehouse earlier that day, Aukan and Nikolai decided to break into it that night, and attempt to look for the missing ledger in it. After some impressive sneaking and quiet dispatching of the inner guards, Nikolai was able to “Liberate” a bagful of ledgers that were kept in a locked drawer, and also some gold (200 gp) and a handy magical blade (Duelist’s Shortsword). Meanwhile, Aukan was having some difficulties with the outer guards. Since one of them was incapacitated earlier on, the other three got suspicious, and after a while Aukan was forced to fight them. The fight itself was difficult and tiring, and if it weren’t for the timely intervention of Nikolai, could have ended quite badly for our heroes. In the end, the tree guards were killed (not out of necessity, mind, but because Nikolai wanted to kill them).

None of the newly acquired ledgers turned out to be the stolen Ragados book, however all of them contained some damning evidence against the Tallfellows. With this new leverage in their hands, the two decided to confront the Halflings directly. After some not-very-subtly implied threats, the Tallfellows took their own ledgers in exchange for the Ragados ledger they’d been keeping. With the missing ledger finally in their possession, the adventurers returned to the Thieflings, and gave them back their missing property.

The thieflings were very grateful. They rewarded the heroes with one potion of healing, 100 galleons, and 300 sickles. Impressed by Nikolai’s ability to so stealthily dispatch 5 out of 8 guards, they mentioned potential job offers later on.

The halflings weren’t very pleased. They will remember this insult.

The paladins had mixed feelings. On the one hand, a murderer was punished, and the order was restored. The two warring merchants would quiet down for a while. On the other hand, two opportunities to punish the corrupt merchants were passed. However, both families were influential enough to get away with it, so no real harm was done. Overall, the master templar is happy with the results, but questions the methods by which they were achieved. Aukan has started the promised training, and has already learned one new ritual.

Session 2 (23-09-2011):

During the few weeks that Aukan spent in the temple of Erathis, he became friends with a charismatic and outgoing paladin trainee, Thomas Val’Maar. Thomas promised them help with any difficult tasks they might be asked to complete. The first opportunity came soon enough: the paladins asked them to clear out a smugglers’ den that the city watch had discovered.

After searching through the abandoned house reported to be the bandit base, the adventurers found a group of halflings hiding in the basement. Storming the den and clearing the bandits went without a hitch. The group was able to recover one Potion of Healing, and 400 sickles. On Nikolai’s insistence, after the raid was over the group went around town, asking questions here and there, and managed to find out that the smugglers were cooperating with the Tallfellows, smuggling illegal goods into and out of the city for them. Their contact was one of the Tallfellows, known through the city as Cuz.

The group pondered for a while what to do with the newly acquired information, and in the end decided to offer it to the Ragados family, the thiefling merchants. Akmenos Ragados, the family patriarch, explained to the group that his family already had this information. Nikolai then offered to go on and destroy more of the smuggler bands, but Akmenos refused, saying that there were other merchant families besides the Tallfellows who occasionally employed these bands, and that it wasn’t in Ragados family’s interest for the smugglers to vanish. Akmenos then made a counter-offer: if the group was so willing to dispatch some smugglers, there was a band of elves who was paid handsomely to bring some questionable goods into the city, but then failed to deliver them. Rumor was that those same elves offered those same goods to the Tallfellows. Ragados family would have liked the elves to be punished, and the missing goods to be retrieved.

The warehouse where the elves were hiding was well-defended. The fight was difficult and exhausting, but ultimately worth all the pain: among the crates of mild narcotics that the thieflings wanted to be retrieved, Aukan found himself a new weapon – a maul enchanted with lightning magic, and Thomas found a ceremonial shield belonging to one of the prominent noble families of Westeros.


Ragados family is grateful for the assistance the group has provided. The group receives one Potion of Healing, and 100 sickles.


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